Joshua Obara Norwood
curator and founder

Norwood’s experience with curation and managing galleries spans over a year with their self-founded Meta Space Gallery. Alongside being a travel and lifestyle writer.

The future of curation

Norwood’s experience in curation within the exploration of the new metamodern era allows for transcendence to web3 and innovative methods for showcasing art to the masses.

Easy to apply

Their open calls are easy to apply to and create spaces for symbiosis between curator and artist.

Fast exhibitions

The pacing of the exhibitions match the fast-content of the meta age immersing many in new and emerging art.


Norwood’s businesses strive to be truly global abandoning the idea of a permanent location and showcases artists from everywhere.


The curated experiences allow for artists to collaborate with each other and find collectors.

Project Management

With over 20 curated projects- Joshua Obara Norwood can bring anything to the net.

Challenging the status quo

Norwood’s curatorial style challenges the art world and provides a neo avant-garde approach.