Adding Canvas Strips to Paper Pulp

So, there was some leftover canvas bits that I had to cut up since they weren’t able to be fit or stretched into their own canvas boards. Therefore, I had decided to add them into my paper making mix- so to add it to the pulp. I usually like adding things to the pulp to see how the paper turns out; it’s mostly been comfortable things like fabric but next time I promise it’ll be something plastic.

The paper pulp helps to lock in the fabric into it so it doesn’t fall off- sometimes if the bond is not strong enough it will, however, fall off. Don’t worry- you can use that for another paper mix. Once you add them to the mixture you can use your deckle like normal- sponge the excess water off then wait until it’s dried; weigh it down and then finally use the paper in whatever you want! I suggest using it in art, since it really adds good texture. Oh, and I have a pulp making video coming very soon! So make sure you subscribe or follow me to find when it gets released really soon!