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SELFIE IDENTITY (2023) This work explores my selfie identity and my own identity by taking selfies while doing my normal routine of painting and creative processes. It's a part of my new collection of works/projects which explores the discovery of my new self and what I will identify as I do not feel male or female.

Highly saturated and questioning with colours everywhere and harmonious peaceful symbols like the water and clouds. It is in my attempt to find peace to end the issues of my own prior socially structured gender identity.


DREAMS ARE WONDERFUL, AREN'T THEY? (2023) is a recount into the deep part of my mind in which sleep happens- deep sleep. The images after watching a horror movie which scares one or leave an impact for a few days until it wears off and you need another scare fix. Or perhaps it's just a one-in-ten chance of having a nightmare.

It's beautiful to have nightmares as long as you can not get scared by them; you can explore them and recount them in paintings. To not fear it but explore it shows how we can explore our own subconscious and gather images from it. As a result, I painted this with my fingers, no tools were used- just my fingers.

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THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY IS BRIGHT AND ETHEREAL AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP OUR ASCENDANCY FROM ORGANIC TO BEYOND! (2023) is an artwork that explores the extension of the human race beyond our mortal bodies. It's a spiritual piece of understanding that eventually when we advance so far we will go beyond our organic state and become conscious in contact with space itself. We will be able to go beyond our third and fourth dimensions into whatever is beyond.

It is not only a space race but a race to superconsciousness and emerging with peace and harmony that this provides us with as something we should accept to advance our humanity.

The viewer is engaged to feel at peace as it is meant to be surreal and uncanny but familiar at the same time. The doors are supposed to go anywhere and everywhere eventually ending up in places unfamiliar yet nostalgic at the same time. It takes this as time is not something that runs but is our perception; yes we age but time doesn't run as fast as we age as you can watch the big bang if you look far enough.

Everything is a perception; something we must go farther and ascend towards the unity of humanity.

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Hope (2023)

With Hope (2023) I learnt that the Renaissance period had mostly used egg tempera as their paint and silverpoint so in this painting; I used both. The silverpoint and ink add depth to the work while adding the clouds over the top, with tempera you have to keep layering so it was an experience and also made me think that humans have layers of their personality but at the bottom of every layer there's hope.

So I decided to make clouds with sunrays during the early golden sunlighting. It's bright and it rises above everything else while the colours evoke happiness and harmony with the environment. It is supposed to evoke the emotions of hope and peace.

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SELF OBSESSION (Oil Pastel on Paper)

SELF-OBSESSION (2023) is a muscled monstrous version of a human taking a selfie with its head blanked out. The extreme muscles growing everywhere is the exemplification of the growing self-obsession with gaining muscles without a limit simply for Instagram likes and the growing of a mindset that ends up being unhealthy despite healthy intentions at the start - it can become obsessive eventually.