What does it mean to have a sustainable and climate-friendly practice? How do you stay or try and become carbon negative or neutral as an artist?

In my journey to help save the environment, I rework old wooden boards, cardboard and canvases with a canvas that would have gone out to the landfill. The recycled material comes from a printing company that was going to throw it away into a landfill.

I also create my own paper as you can see- it is made from everything that would be trashed in my home. Sometimes I incorporate plastic or other items into the paper; as I am trying to prevent removing plastic so I now use it in my practice more often.

It also gives you the chance to experiment with new materials, texture and other things that you would have never thought of if you only painted and did nothing else like myself.

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Aniseed Tea Recipe

I made this aniseed tea as I liked the taste of aniseed. Using one tea bag did end up watering it down so this recipe I have modified to include two, to make sure it stays healthy and sugar-free there is no sugar and sugar is replaced with erythritol.

Aniseed Tea Recipe


  • 2 drawstring teabags (large)
  • 5 cups water
  • 1 tbsp xylitol
  • enough aniseed to fill the two tea bags


1 - Add aniseed to almost fully fill the two tea bags then draw them tightly so that it will not spill out.

2 - Place the tea bags into the pot and the water into the pot then stir until the water is darker.

2 - Add the xylitol and heat until boil (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) and stir. Leave until cooled to let steep.

3 - Strain the liquid into a separate jar then remove the tea bags. Reheat if serving hot.

4 - Serve either hot or cold!


HARMONIZATION OF BALANCE (2023) is a work which is of the balance of colour flowing like water. Harmonial water flows peacefully and only with this peaceful flow can harmony be achieved which this piece attains. For the viewer to feel; it must be placed near an area with minimal design to allow the entrance into the trance of this work.

It is supposed to allow you to meditate between the colours and accept the many forms of Earth and the universe. These colours appear everywhere and yet are placed so flowingly.

➡️ You can purchase the artwork here for $200+: Purchase Here. Or you can buy a print on any item of your choice via Redbubble


HANDLE WITH CARE FRAGILE THANK YOU (2023) is a representation of the body as a prison of ideals. Of how it is so fragile and that one thing wrong will make you think that everyone dislikes you. Drink something bad; your body starts to degrade. It's a prison in which we cannot escape of which degradation is paramount to our being.

In relation to the self, I feel as though I have been trapped by societal gender ideals and this was created in response. It is trapped within me that I am biologically male but I do not feel male, I don't even feel female. I feel nothing in relation to gender. I am neither. Genderless.

This painting is one of many acceptances of the non-binary identity.

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SELFIE IDENTITY (2023) This work explores my selfie identity and my own identity by taking selfies while doing my normal routine of painting and creative processes. It's a part of my new collection of works/projects which explores the discovery of my new self and what I will identify as I do not feel male or female.

Highly saturated and questioning with colours everywhere and harmonious peaceful symbols like the water and clouds. It is in my attempt to find peace to end the issues of my own prior socially structured gender identity.