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HARMONIZATION OF BALANCE (2023) is a work which is of the balance of colour flowing like water. Harmonial water flows peacefully and only with this peaceful flow can harmony be achieved which this piece attains. For the viewer to feel; it must be placed near an area with minimal design to allow the entrance into the trance of this work.

It is supposed to allow you to meditate between the colours and accept the many forms of Earth and the universe. These colours appear everywhere and yet are placed so flowingly.

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Hope (2023)

With Hope (2023) I learnt that the Renaissance period had mostly used egg tempera as their paint and silverpoint so in this painting; I used both. The silverpoint and ink add depth to the work while adding the clouds over the top, with tempera you have to keep layering so it was an experience and also made me think that humans have layers of their personality but at the bottom of every layer there's hope.

So I decided to make clouds with sunrays during the early golden sunlighting. It's bright and it rises above everything else while the colours evoke happiness and harmony with the environment. It is supposed to evoke the emotions of hope and peace.

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