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My work @ the Boomer Gallery!

My work appeared at the "Walking with Giants" Exhibition at the Boomer Gallery from the 5th of May 2023 to the 10th May 2023! I am very happy to have exhibited there at their group exhibition and I am now in their exhibition catalogue as well!

This year has been good for me as an artist, I have had an exhibition, numerous sales, been published in two magazines and I am going to be having another exhibition very soon somewhere else (more details coming soon!). I am hoping to be able to continue this good amount of luck in the art world and I look forward to collaborating with other artists on works if anyone is interested (I have a collaborative project coming up soon as well with another artist!).

I will be soon announcing two exhibition's I will be a part of (and one which I will be helping in the curation of!).

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me in this journey!

Image from the Boomer Gallery, courtesy of them.

Including Cotton Lumen Strips into Recycled Paper

This time, I decided to see how it would go if you added cotton lumen strips and pieces to paper pulp and created paper from it. Since this paper is not de-inked or bleached it is good for the environment, so I suggest more people do these experiments to use up wastepaper and cardboard. So, after using the deckle and sponging the liquid out of it we are left with an interesting texture that could be used for artwork, in fact, if you check out my Saatchi Art in the description you can find really nice works made from these papers incorporated via collage.

Anyway, once it dries – the cotton doesn’t really fall off the paper, so I call it a successful experiment. If you’re here to find out how to do paper pulping, etc. I have a video soon coming so make sure to subscribe to not miss it out.


HARMONIZATION OF BALANCE (2023) is a work which is of the balance of colour flowing like water. Harmonial water flows peacefully and only with this peaceful flow can harmony be achieved which this piece attains. For the viewer to feel; it must be placed near an area with minimal design to allow the entrance into the trance of this work.

It is supposed to allow you to meditate between the colours and accept the many forms of Earth and the universe. These colours appear everywhere and yet are placed so flowingly.

➡️ You can purchase the artwork here for $200+: Purchase Here. Or you can buy a print on any item of your choice via Redbubble


HANDLE WITH CARE FRAGILE THANK YOU (2023) is a representation of the body as a prison of ideals. Of how it is so fragile and that one thing wrong will make you think that everyone dislikes you. Drink something bad; your body starts to degrade. It's a prison in which we cannot escape of which degradation is paramount to our being.

In relation to the self, I feel as though I have been trapped by societal gender ideals and this was created in response. It is trapped within me that I am biologically male but I do not feel male, I don't even feel female. I feel nothing in relation to gender. I am neither. Genderless.

This painting is one of many acceptances of the non-binary identity.

➡️ Purchase the artwork for $1200+ here


SELFIE IDENTITY (2023) This work explores my selfie identity and my own identity by taking selfies while doing my normal routine of painting and creative processes. It's a part of my new collection of works/projects which explores the discovery of my new self and what I will identify as I do not feel male or female.

Highly saturated and questioning with colours everywhere and harmonious peaceful symbols like the water and clouds. It is in my attempt to find peace to end the issues of my own prior socially structured gender identity.