What you get in ‘MATTAS International Food Vegan Too Good to Go Bag’

Yesterday, I went over to the MATTAS International Food to grab the vegan surprise bag for £3.33. Majority of the contents where great and climate friendly (no plastic!) at the same time!

MATTAS International Food Vegan Too Good to Go Bag contents

We got a lot of spinach in this one, a chayote (which I didn’t really know what one was prior), a large onion, broccoli, a few leeks, a lot of okra, a bell pepper and a bolognaise jar.

It was honestly exciting as they usually give me something I’ve never cooked with so I have to get quite creative especially with the chayote. With which, I cooked into a chayote with spiced syrup. I rarely have okra so I used it in a few stir fries and to thicken my stews.

The jar from the bolognaise after use can be used to preserve and store food that might be going off as well. Everything doesn’t go to waste here! All the parts that are not going to be cooked were used for a stock for later use.

This article is a part of my ‘Living Sustainably’ project where I attempt to change a large part of my life to withhold to living mostly off of Food Waste and other initiatives.