What’s Inside ALDI’s Too Good To Go Surprise Bag

On Tuesday I went over to the ALDI in St. John’s Centre in Liverpool for £3.30 which included a plethora of great food! This time we have got a lot of lychee’s in this one – which is a plus as they are absolutely divine!

ALDI in St. John's Centre surprise bag contents

There was five sets of lychee’s, a bundle of green beans, a lot of beansprouts, a set of six small yoghurts and a premade chicken pastry. Mostly all of these are healthy (apart from the ready meal) and can be preserved in jars if you’re not going to use them right away (or freeze them!).

Unfortunately, the plastic is an issue that we run into when measuring the store’s sustainability- the plastic, I believe as of right now, is not biodegradable plastic. However, you can reuse the plastic in an arts and crafts project instead- which I plan on doing in the future.

The tin from the readymade meal can be re-used for baking as well after cleaning and you can recycle the baking foil from it as well. Otherwise from the obvious sustainability issues.

This article is a part of my ‘Living Sustainably’ project where I attempt to change a large part of my life to withhold to living mostly off of Food Waste and other initiatives.