Caffe Nero’s Sweet and Pastry Too Good To Go Bag

Today (Sunday) I went out to grab myself a Caffe Nero surprise bag to see what what inside! This one’s a sweet and pastry bag so we got a lot of croissants (stuffed) and other goodies!

caffe nero too good to go

There was four stuffed croissants and I’m not entirely sure what the other pastries are. I’ve only gotten through half of the surprise bag but I’m pleasantly surprised as it’s not only delicious it’s literally only £2.59! Much more cheaper than a lot of other places!

All of the packaging was paper so it’s great for sustainability! If you’re looking to save and save the planet- this is a great place to go to through the app!

This article is a part of my ‘Living Sustainably’ project where I attempt to change a large part of my life to withhold to living mostly off of Food Waste and other initiatives.