What You Get In The Starbuck’s Too Good to Go Bag!

We got around five items from the Starbuck’s over in Liverpool Lime Street. It’s okay quality and okay for the price- though it’s nothing really special. It costs around £3.99 but it’s a “dynamic” pricing listing so it could be different based on the time of the day.

Below you can see what I got in today’s ‘dinner’ surprise bag which I’ve listed below the photograph with.

Starbuck's too good to go bag contents
  • Red Leicester Cheese & Pickle Sandwich
  • Smoked Bacon Roll
  • Cheese & Marmite Mini Ciabatta
  • Spinach & Pea Falafel Wrap
  • A chocolate muffin/cupcake

For it’s environmental record- it’s bad. Yes, you get a paper bag to take away but the packaging is plastic on the food when it could be biodegradable so it’s not a great business to support when it comes to environmentalism and sustainability.

This article is a part of my ‘Living Sustainably’ project where I attempt to change a large part of my life to withhold to living mostly off of Food Waste and other initiatives.