Fin Carre White Chocolate Product Review

Fin Carré’s white chocolate from Lidl is cheap and delicious honestly; its value (as of writing this article) is £0.65 which puts it well below its competitors within the market.

fin carre white chocolate

I personally would compare its flavour profile to Milky Way’s white chocolate as its light and sweet yet also creamy at the same time. The great part is that it doesn’t contain any palm oils which means its great for the environment compared to other chocolates (but not the plastic part- we’ll get onto that soon)!

Here’s the list of the ingredients within the product: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, 18% Whole Milk Powder, 6% Cream Powder (Milk), Whey Powder (Milk), Lactose (Milk), Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithins; Vanilla Extract. White Chocolate contains: Milk Solids 23% Minimum

Fortunately, the method of opening the package allows it to be non-messy and easy to dispose- though the plastic package is not good. It’s bad for the environment and could cheaply be replaced with paper.