What’s Inside Cinnabon’s Too Good to Go Bag?

Today I went over to the Cinnabon in Liverpool Central to grab the Too Good to Go bag they had on offer for £6.60. Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend you to rely on getting it as they usually cancel orders so it’s a once a week chance to grab it.

Though once you actually get it- it’s actually really good! I got around two sets of two classic Cinnabon’s and once four set of classic Cinnabon’s and some Cinnachips.

cinnabon too good to go

This would usually cost around £18.00 so I thoroughly recommend it if it’s open on the day. Usually Cinnabon’s will be open from 11:00 – 20:45 on the app if it’s actually giving them out rather than cancelling.

This was the Cinnabon’s in Liverpool Central- so others might not be as generous or might be even better than this!

This article is a part of my ‘Living Sustainably’ project where I attempt to change a large part of my life to withhold to living mostly off of Food Waste and other initiatives.