Lidl’s Vemondo Soya Original Plant Based Drink Review

The Vemondo Soya Original Plant Based Milk was actually quite pleasantly tasting! It was light and the taste of soy was not too strong while it also had a decent amount of soya inside compared to other milks with around 9%-10% soya. The plant-based milk drink cost around £0.99 (as of purchase date) which is around half-price compared to established brands.

I turned the Vemondo Soya Original milk into a coffee latte and it was absolutely divine- it was thick and creamy and absolutely gorgeous and didn’t make my throat phlegm up like regular milk.

vemondo soya original plant based milk

The ingredients inside of the drink are: Water, peeled soybeans (9%), apple extract, calcium carbonate, maltodextrin, stabiliser (gellan gum), sea salt, natural flavouring, vitamins [riboflavin (B2), cyanocobalamin (B12), ergocalciferol (D2)]