Lidl’s Alesto Cashew Crush Bars Review

Lidl’s Alesto Cashew Crush Bars taste great and are a lot more filling than other snack bars as well- only costing at £2.49 (for five bars) averaging to around £0.49-0.50 each!

It’s really sweet and is quite moist so it’s a pleasant feeling which the flavor is nutty and the texture is chewy. Though it is dense to eat and it might be difficult to eat more than one or anything after it – this part really helps in curbing you from having too much of them as they do contain a bit of sugar (see contents below).

Alesto Cashew Crush Bars

What I have to praise these bars with is that they contain absolutely no preservatives, in fact- here are the ingredients: 51% cashew and 49% pitted dates. Though I feel as though they could put more cashew as it feels like there’s more dates inside than cashew.

Here is the nutritional information per serving (35g): 8.2g fat (1.6g saturates), 16.1g carbohydrates (13.7g sugar), 1.6g fibre, 3.5g protein and 0.09g salt.

The best part about these are that they’re entirely vegan for anyone who is that!

bar out of the packet