Lime Street Starbuck’s Too Good to Go Review

I had ordered the dinner too good to go from Starbuck’s and it was at usual value (not the nightmare that I had from the Prescott Street Starbucks) – £3.99 for around five items. Honestly, apart from the no-chicken wrap everything was great.

liverpool lime street starbuck's too good to go

Starbuck’s Spinach and Pea Falafel Wrap is quite light, tangy and slightly sweet. Its quite delicious and serves well with a warm drink – to save more money make sure to make the drink at home and not buy it at the store.

The Chipotle Chilli Tater Bites are absolutely wonderful especially when you cook them! Make sure to remove the paper tray and put it into an oven-safe dish though! The tater bites absorb all the delicious flavour from the relish and tomatoes!

The Fiery No Chicken Wrap was a bit disappointing- it was rather flavorless apart from the heat. The fake chicken was tasteless and the rest of it was bland. The wrap should be served hot.

no chicken fiery wrap

The Cheese and Marmite Mini Ciabatta was okay but not the best- it was quite salty and the ciabatta was extremely dry so please drink something with this. It should be served hot.

Red Leicester Cheese and Pickle tasted great- the moisture from the pickles helped this from not being too dry while it also gave it a tanginess that blended well with the cheese and the soft bread!