What I Got From a Moo Boo Surprise Bag! (Too Good to Go!)

Moo Boo’s Too Good to Go Surprise bag was absolutely delicious this time as I had received one of my favorite flavors! It only cost around £3.39 which is so much cheaper than your average Boba Tea!

The melon bubble tea was great and it is my favorite flavor while being very creamy and delectable! Whereas the other bubble tea was a strawberry flavor though with a strong tea taste to it adding to the complexity of the drink. Both of the drinks were quite refreshing and enjoyable especially while writing!

mooboo too good to go

Honestly, I believe that if you’re looking for a place to go to save money on buying bubble tea (which can be expensive) and you don’t mind what flavor you get – you should go to MooBoo through too good to go!

If I ever trip out to somewhere and they have Boba places- too good to go is the greatest way to cut costs on an otherwise expensive experience.