Lidl’s Vemondo Soya Yoghurt (sugar free) Review!

Lidl’s Vemondo Soya Classic sugar-free yoghurt costs only £1.09 and is just as great as a dairy yoghurt (albeit the slight soy aftertaste!). If you can get past its aftertaste then it makes for a great alternative to dairy yoghurt.

Vemondo Soya Yoghurt

The flavor of the yoghurt on its own is a quite strong soy flavor a bit like drinking freshly made soy milk but a lot thicker! If you’re used to (or enjoy) the taste like myself then it’s a joy to eat plain but you can always add jams, nut pastes or freeze dried fruits into the yoghurt to make it taste a lot better or mask the soy flavor.

It’s pretty much sugar-free which allows you to do anything with it- I cannot advise on whether you can use this to bake with as I’ve not tried but its consistency makes it feel like it would work as an alternative in recipes that use yoghurt.

The ingredients inside the yoghurt are: Water 14%, Soya Beans, Modified Maize Starch, Potato Starch, Calcium Salts of Orthophosphoric Acid, Natural Flavoring, Sea Salt, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Yoghurt Cultures.

The nutritional information of the yoghurt is per 100g: 46kcal, 2.3g of fat (of which saturates: 0.4g), 1.8g carbohydrates (of which sugars: 0g), 0.6g fibre, 4.2g proteins, 0.18g salt.