Lidl’s Deluxe 4 Almond & Coconut Nut Bars Review

Lidl’s Deluxe 4 Almond & Coconut Nut Bars cost around £2.19 which would equate the price of each one to £0.55! Which is pretty okay for something that has a label of ‘deluxe’. Especially for the flavor as I found it quite delicious and the coconut really worked well with the caramelized aftertaste.

The texture of the bars were not hard but they broke away easily while also being quite chewy which felt nice in the mouth. The nuts gave a great crunch while you chew on the bar while the crispy rice parts melt in your mouth. However, these are not exactly a great alternative to stereotypically unhealthy snacks as there is quite a lot of sugar, fat and saturates in each bar despite there being almost zero salt.

This snack, however, is not vegan as it contains honey.

Lidl's Deluxe 4 Almond & Coconut Nut Bars

The ingredients and nutritional information of these delicious snacks can be found below the separator!

Ingredients: 28% Almonds, 27% Coconut Chips (20% Coconut, Sugar), Glucose-Fructose Syrup, 10% Honey, 9% Puffed Wholegrain Rice (Whole Rice Flour), Chicory Root Extract, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithins; Caramelized Sugar Syrup (Glucose Syrup, Sugar).

Nutritional information per bar: 200 calories, 12.5g fat (6.0g of which saturates), 16.7g carbohydrates (13.6g of which sugars), 3.2g fiber, 3.7g protein, <0.01g salt.