Lidl’s Simply Apple Juice from concentrate Review

Lidl’s Simply Apple Juice (from concentrate) is pretty much your standard apple juice which is priced at £0.79. This price is good when compared to ASDA (ASDA’s from concentrate apple juice costs £1.20), TESCO (£1.40) and even ALDI (£0.99).

The juice tastes just like the others in my opinion and thus you can save a lot more by getting this! It’s great when chilled and you can use it to make a jam or even cider at a much cheaper price than the others.

Lidl's Simply Apple Juice from concentrate

If you’re looking to get some cheap apple juice then I would thoroughly recommend you to get this juice from Lidl! I’ve listed both the ingredients and the nutritional information below the separator.

Ingredients: 100% apple juice from concentrate

Nutritional Information per 100ml: 45 calories, <0.1g Fat (<0.1g of which saturates), 11g carbohydrates (11g of which sugars), <0.1g protein, 0.01g salt