American Pizza Slice Too Good to Go Surprise Bag Review

The Too Good to Go surprise bag from American Pizza Slice’s location at Whitechapel’s was terrific- it only cost £4.33 (which might seem a bit for five slices of pizza), but they tasted spectacular!

The tomato pizza was splendid, as I had microwaved it when I returned from retrieving the surprise bag. The cheese melted, and the sauce was rich in depth! The small amount of parmesan grated on top of the pizza also helped to give it a much better flavour while the crust was not stale. The issue usually with some TGTG places is that they’ll provide you stale bread (which is a big issue I have with Upper Crust), but here it’s still very fresh!

American Pizza Slice Too Good to Go Surprise Bag

The square pizzas were unfortunately slightly burnt at the sides, which does lessen the experience, but they tasted well- somewhat sweet from the caramelised onions and the sweet tomato sauce. The meat on the pizza also complements this well by adding a saltiness to it.

One of the square pizzas had a fantastic goat’s cheese base that also elevated the experience with a large amount of basil (goat’s cheese is one of my favourite cheeses!).

Overall, I’m well pleased with what I got, and that it would cost the price of the surprise bag to get a single slice, so it’s a great deal!