Lidl’s Alesto Bakewell Tart Nut Bars Review

Lidl’s Alesto Bakewell Tart Nut Bars are quite delicious! Plus they’re not that expensive at around 50p per bar (£2.49 per box which has around 5 bars).

Their flavor is very close to a Bakewell tart though it starts to appear more defined within the aftertaste as the first thing you taste after biting is the dates. The dates give a nice nutty (which is more likely the cashews here) and sweet flavor to boost the Bakewell flavoring they added. The texture of the bars are quite satisfying as it melts in your mouth while also not being gritty (which is sometimes a problem for puréed date bars). It’s also very soft and there’s not too big chunks of nuts inside which allows it to go down easy.

Alesto Bakewell Tart Nut Bars

It’s also hard to eat more than one bar (most likely due to its fibre content) which makes it great for snacking as you won’t consume too much and it helps to curb your appetite.

Ingredients: 49% pitted dates, 35% cashews, 16% raisins, Natural Flavouring

Nutritional information per serving (35g): 138 calories, 6.0g fat (of which saturates 1.2g), 17.6g carbohydrates (of which sugars 16.0g), 1.7g fibre, 2.6g protein, 0.09g salt