Lidl’s Knightsbridge Lemon & Ginger Tea Review!

This is a product review on Lidl’s Knightsbridge Lemon & Ginger Tea 40 bags which costed around £0.95 (at the time of purchase!).

Lidl's Knightsbridge Lemon & Ginger Tea

I bought this to help alleviate my cold I caught and it really helped (though please do not take my experience as medical advice!). Ginger and lemon tends to work for me when I’m quite ill anyways!

Unfortunately, though to my tastes, it doesn’t feel as though the ginger is really that strong in the tea as I would have preferred it to be stronger to give it more of a kick. Though it does taste great (the mix between lemon and ginger) I just feel like steeping your own ginger might be much more potent and flavorsome if you enjoy the spiciness of the ginger. Though this might end up being more expensive depending on how much ginger you use.

I found the tea to be quite pleasant though if you pair it with some sugar (or as I’ve used- xylitol) as the sweetness helps to elevate the flavor. Overall, the Knightsbridge Lemon & Ginger Tea is okay but not the best for ginger teas.