What is Dynamic Pricing on Too Good to Go?

Recently, I’ve noticed a few stores have dynamic pricing on their too-good-to-go surprise bags, and the prices subsequently went up for the times I’d usually get them. Dynamic pricing is put into a few words: the closer the collection time, the cheaper the surprise bag is.

Unfortunately, this means it generally costs more to get the bag, and more people will wait for it closer to the collection time. What I’ve figured out, though, is that around 6 to 4 hours before the collection – the bag is at its cheapest price, and that’s when I get it. See the images I’ve supplied below for a more viewable version.

The one in the morning is closer to the time of viewing, which means it’s cheaper than the lunch one. I figured this out as I was up at 3 AM, and the morning bag was at the pre-dynamic price update pricing.

Hopefully, this blog post will help anyone curious or annoyed by the update. It seems that TGTG is making it more pricier to get their bags, so I’m hoping a new app takes the market by storm, like TGTG before the excessive updates!