WHSmith Too Good to Go Surprise Bag Review

I went to the WHSmith in Liverpool Lime Street to get the Too Good to Go surprise bag, which only cost £3.00. Inside the bag, I got two sandwiches, two sets of (vegan) sushi, two plant-based (insert name) and two chicken pasta.

The sushi was delicious- though the soy sauce wasn’t of the excellent quality you can expect for ‘gas-station’ sushi. It was vegan, though, so I wasn’t worried about any health issues, and the rice didn’t fall apart like low-quality sushi.

WHSmith Too Good to Go Surprise Bag

The Simply Lunch’s Chicken and Bacon pasta tasted quite well and I had that for breakfast- it had a nice smoky peppery flavor. You can find my review I did on it here.

The bang bang chickpea tortilla’s were disappointing as they were way too spicy and it overpowered the entire food. While the prawn mayo sandwich was pretty much your regular sandwich with prawn and the same can be said with the tuna and sweetcorn sandwich.

I thought the value I got from the WHSmith bag was generally great and I do plan on going there in the future when I’m needing something quick to eat as it is usually just sandwiches that they will give you.