Krispy Kreme’s Too Good to Go Surprise Bag Review

The Krispy Kreme’s Too Good to Go Surprise cost £4.65 and was absolutely spectacular! A large amount of choice and all them where delicious! This was the Krispy Kreme’s at Liverpool Lime Street!

The pink doughnut was delectable! The cream filling was light and airy, while the jam above the filling inside the doughnut added a nice tartness. The dough was not stale or heavy and relatively light, while the icing had just the right sweetness!

The doughnut with the chocolate and white icing drizzled above it was nice and delicate – the chocolate had the right sweetness and tasted quite well. The filling inside was much richer, and the chocolate inside the filling was much darker, which was the right contrast between the bitterness and sweetness of dark chocolate.

Krispy Kreme's Too good to go surprise bag

The brown doughnut was great. The icing was coffee-flavoured along with the filling inside, which is one of my favourite flavourings (as I love black coffee!). I could also taste some caramel notes within the filling, and it was divine!

The glazed doughnut was amazing- it had a delicious raspberry filling inside. The filling was just the right amount of sweetness and tartness, while the glazing was simple enough and not too sticky!

The sprinkle-holed doughnut was pretty good, though I haven’t got anything to write home about- it’s pretty much your standard chocolate sprinkle doughnut.