What’s Inside the 200 Degrees Surprise Bag

I picked up a 200 Degrees Surprise bag on Tuesday from the Met Quarter location in Liverpool and got 2 chicken mayo bacon bags and 1 caprese sourdough for £4.00.

The Caprese Sourdough sandwich was really good- it contained mozzarella, pesto, black pepper, basil and tomatoes and the sunflower seeds on the top really made the experience better. The light mozzarella really contrasted well with the nutty flavors of both the sunflower seeds and the pesto while the inside was just the right amount of moist and the bread wasn’t stale at all.

200 Degrees Too good to go surprise bag

The chicken mayo bacon sandwich was pretty good- the bacon was really smoky while the chicken was light and slightly peppered which added contrast to the sandwich. There was also some salad vegetables in the sandwich which made it quite refreshing to eat with a cold drink rather than a coffee. The inside was not too moist but moist enough so that it goes down easily despite me eating it a day after I got the too good to go bag- it still wasn’t stale.

Unlike other sandwiches there was a LOT of meat inside of the chicken mayo bacon sandwich- it felt like they put the whole chicken breast in there which was nice.

Despite the lack of variety- I did enjoy this surprise bag quite a bit!