Lidl Bakery’s Pastel de Nata Review

The Lidl Bakery Pastel de Nata’s cost only £0.40 each due to me using the Lidl Plus coupon ‘Bakery Happy Hour’ on them, which took 30% off. They were originally £0.65, but due to their size, I recommend waiting until there is a coupon for them. They are too small, in my opinion, to be valued at £0.65.

These were absolutely delicious! It was super creamy and sweet, while the pastry was super flakey and the top well browned. The custard is also very rich and heavenly – I really enjoyed these with the cloudy lemonade that they were selling at the time too.

Pastel de Nata

The disposable pie dish that these came in needs to be changed, however. It had cut me as they are quite sharp and I feel like it breaches the health and safety due to the edges.

If they are on sale via the app, then I would thoroughly recommend you get these, as they were very enjoyable! I give them a 3.5 star due to the sharp pie dish and the size of the pastry.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.