Lidl’s Deluxe Baklava Assortment Review

Lidl’s Deluxe Baklava Assortment cost only £2.99 which is pretty cheap for baklavas! They are not the best, however, but they are also not the worst- as I describe below, the set is variable!

Unfortunately, the cashew assabee felt more like a pastry than a baklava. There was a lack of sweetness to it, and it was pretty dry compared to what a baklava is supposed to be. The truffle baklava drizzled with milk chocolate tasted more like a brownie bite than a baklava. This was quite disappointing as when you buy something, you want that- rather than a product that looks like a baklava but doesn’t taste like it. The chocolate was also melting in my hand, which is another downside.

Deluxe Baklava Assortment

The cashew baklava drizzled with dark chocolate was much better- more moisture and more intense sweetness. After trying the two subpar-quality items I had previously, I was pleased with this one. The cashew boukage was amazing though! The pistachio filling was delectable and melted in my mouth ever so smoothly.

The simple cashew baklava was delicious, too- it was mouthwateringly good and sweet enough but not too sweet. The cashew flavour was visible when you bit into it, which made it the best, in my opinion, as it was much more complex despite being so simple!

I therefore give this assortment a rating of 3.5/5- it could be much better, but it has two baklavas in there that are too mediocre!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I am only putting the nutritional information because the list of ingredients is too long.

Nutritional information per baklava: 94 calories, 4.8g fat (of which saturates: 0.8g), 11.2g carbohydrates (of which sugars: 4.0g), <0.5g fibre, 1.4g protein, 0.06g salt