Tortilla’s Vegetarian Too Good to Go Surprise Bag Review

I got Tortilla’s Vegetarian Too Good to Go Surprise Bag from their Whitechapel location in Liverpool for £4.00, and let me tell you, it’s worth it! It might look like not much food but the flavours, textures and heat that you’ll experience are divine!

They serve this Too Good To Go surprise bag warm, which is excellent, so it’s fresh! The rice is a blast as it has both absorbed the cheesiness from the cheese sauce and there’s earthy flavours inside of it too. The guacamole on top really gives a hit of heat going onto the tomatoes, which taste as though they had been flavoured with vinegar, and the sourness and tartness add delectable complexity to the whole dish.

Tortilla's Too Good to Go bag

The beans are very spicy and soft, making it melt in your mouth and giving it a great mouthfeel. Though I did find that they may not have heated it enough to melt the cheese inside the box- I did that myself in the microwave, and the melted cheese brings it to the next level! It gives stringiness and creaminess to a dish already chock full of abundant textures and mouthfeel! I found that from warm to hot- even the spicy heat increases which makes it much more enjoyable!

I rate this surprise a 5/5 and would buy it again!

Rating: 5 out of 5.