Lidl’s Nixe Mackerel Fillets in Sunflower Oil Review

Lidl’s Nixe Mackerel Fillets in Sunflower Oil only cost £0.79 and was much better than a lot of the more expensive alternatives out there!

This mackerel was quite tougher than other brands but the flavor was a lot more fishier than with the mackerel I had bought from ASDA. Therefore, I suggest heating it a bit if you don’t like the chewiness so that it softens up a bit.

Nixe Mackerel Fillets

There was also this strange aftertaste from the fish but it wasn’t that noticeable after eating them with something else. I had used the sunflower oil inside of this to impart a fishier flavor in my morning savory oats which really made it quite a much better experience. For how cheap this tinned mackerel was it was really great! It also helps me get a cheap healthier protein source with the omega oils inside of them!

These also serve as great toppings for ramen or udon noodles too! The sunflower oil inside helps to preserve their taste so please do not discard the oil!

I tried drying the mackerel, and it intensified the fish flavour and got rid of the moisture, which was great to add to some of the dishes I made! The drying part made it taste less like it was tinned, too, which is a plus!

Ingredients: 72% Mackerel Fillets (Fish), 27% Sunflower Oil, Salt

Nutritional information per 42.5g: 99 calories, 6.8g fat (of which saturates 1.2g), 0g carbohydrates, 0g fibre, 9.4g protein, 0.27g salt