Lidl’s Simply Orange Juice from Concentrate Review

Lidl’s Simply Orange Juice from Concentrate is not only a cheap drink just priced at only £0.79 – it is also a delicious and is a pure orange juice!

The orange juice is fantastic and is entirely 100% orange, unlike many juices (or labelled ‘fruit drinks’) out there! I’ve added this to a gin mix, and it worked wonders. you should also try mixing with this! The juice makes you feel refreshed and gives you a lot of mental energy I tried some when I was quite tired from mental activity and it just brought me back up!

orange juice from lidl

I suggest, however, drinking this juice with a straw as orange juice tends to be quite acidic and it could be bad for your teeth. However, try to avoid too much, as I find it easy to drink a lot of this stuff, as it contains quite a lot of sugar! One serving contains 22g of sugar!

I’ve also added these to some pineapple tarts I made as a bit of a boost to the flavour and it really did elevate the dessert so much so I suggest trying this out when you bake!

Ingredients: Orange juice from concentrate. Fruit content 100%

Nutritional information per 200ml: 94 calories, 0.2g fat (of which saturates <0.1g), 22.0g carbohydrates (of which sugars 22g), 1.0g protein, <0.01g salt