Lidl’s Eridanous Sesame Bar Review

Lidl’s Eridanous Sesame Bar costs £0.49 each and they are quite big and are around 70g! They’re also very delicious and an enjoyable snack to have when you’re peckish!

These sesame bars are very cheap when looking at how big they are and comparing them to other brands which offer the same thing. They were super delicious- the sweetness contrasted with the sesame flavour and added a significant amount of nutty depth! They also had a bit less sweetness than the sesame snaps I’ve had before so that you can enjoy more of the sesame flavour!

Eridanous Sesame Bar

The honey is also very apparent and noticeable, which gives it a warm feel when you go through it while also tasting caramelised and decadent. I found that these bars pair well with a good all-rounded rosé wine and enjoyed them together! The sesame bars also have a great crispiness and are very crunchy, which are great mouthfeels as the honey flavour from the sesame bars coats your mouth as you get through it.

Overall, I give these sesame bars a good 5/5, as they were delicious and satisfying:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ingredients: 68% Sesame Seeds, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Honey.

Nutritional information per 100g: 578 calories, 40g fat (of which saturates: 6.3g), 33.3g carbohydrates (23.3g sugar), 18g protein, 0.01g salt


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