Lidl’s Millesimato Extra Dry Prosecco Review

Lidl’s Millesimato Extra Dry Prosecco costs £6.49 which is quite moderate when compared to other Lidl wines and it is quite a satisfying drink too!

The prosecco is a very pale pink colour with high translucency, while the wine itself is rather sweet and does not have that much acidity, which lends to a light and pleasant enjoyment of the wine. The aroma is very strong, has notes of strawberry, and is complex with floral hints but lacks any tertiary notes.

I know that behind the bottle it states that the wine is dry but I did not feel as though it was dry when tasting it.

Lidl Prosecco

The flavour is sweet, and there is, as above, a lack of any third notes when tasting- which is understandable as the wine is extremely translucent. I tasted strawberry, a slight apple taste and some flowery hits. The aftertaste of the wine was not astringent and was quite pleasant, as I could still taste the fruity tones as it had coated the insides of my mouth.

I paired this prosecco with a feta cheese salad, which was heavenly; the cheese’s savoury properties elevated the taste of the prosecco! I also enjoyed that you could smell this prosecco quite away from the poured drink itself, which elevated the experience of enjoying it. I would rate this prosecco around 4/5 stars!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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