Viña Mariposa Tinto Red Wine Review

The Viña Mariposa Tinto Red Wine is a dry red wine which cost me £8.99 and had a 12% alcohol volume. It’s a sensual wine with a deep, rich, complex flavour that you will most likely have more than one glass of!

This red wine is rather deep in colour but has a slight translucency to it but is dense enough to be a medium quality red wine. I took a sip after examining the wine which it was dry and quite acidy to that I found quite satisfying to taste. I then proceeded to pour some of the wine into a decanter to explore the sensual smells of the wine – the aroma was smoky with notes of leather, tobacco and dark chocolate!

Viña Mariposa Tinto Red Wine

The aroma had also travelled quite far out of the decanter while up close I could smell a more toasty and a very nutty smell at that! I had then drank some more of the wine to taste whether these notes could be detected- I had tasted the hints of toastiness and dark chocolate while there was a slight note of nut and smoke. The wine was not as dry as I would have thought it to be but it was enjoyable nonetheless- it did not leave my mouth feeling as astringent as I had expected.

Thusforth, the wine is very complex but it could do much better in being more drier and acidy. The aftertaste lingered for a few moments but then was not noticeable yet I had enjoyed it thoroughly and do suggest pairing this with a nice roasted cut of lamb. I therefore give this red wine a score of 4/5:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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