Trulo’s Coconut Rum Flavoured Liqueur Review

Trulo’s Coconut Rum Flavoured Liqueur costs £12.99, which is quite pricey. I didn’t find it that unique, as it tastes like the substandard coconut syrup you could probably get for a much lower price.

I poured a shot into a glass but sipped it slowly to find the flavour profile of the liqueur- it is extraordinarily sweet yet creamy at the same time while not having a very strong, pungent alcoholic aftertaste.

Trulo's Coconut Rum Flavoured Liqueur

I used this coconut rum liqueur to flavour my coffees, giving it complexity and depth and making it feel like a tropical aesthetic. I also made a mix with milk and this liqueur with some double cream, which was super creamy and delicious. The sweetness lends itself well to the velvety mouthfeel from the fat of the double cream! The flavour gets compounded by the fat, and the aftertaste of the coconut stays in your mouth as it coats the insides.

I also made a decadent hot chocolate with this liqueur, and it was extremely warming and hearty!

Overall, with the price- I would not recommend you get this as there are cheaper syrups out there that will have the same flavour for a much cheaper price! I give this a 3/5:

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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