2022: Volunteering at the Open Eye Gallery

Disclaimer: I do, however, have to, unfortunately, state that I did not keep that much of a photographic record or diary when I volunteered as I find it unnecessary. Still, I’ve supplied anything I’ve found and salvaged from my old folders for this page. This page’s writing is about my experience at the Open Eye Gallery.

From late 2021 to early 2023, I volunteered at the Open Eye Gallery, which served as an experience while studying at the University. I found the general vibe at the gallery to be quite relaxing and not so demanding, as the visitors were usually people who knew about the place or tourists. The gallery also helped me understand how they process data, email artists, and do social media work.

I helped install a few exhibitions at the gallery, which gave me seminal experience when I set up my exhibition (Sustainability in Practice) in early 2024. These included hanging paintings, quality checking, painting and deinstalling. This helped me to prevent any damage when installing and deinstalling my exhibition and gave me the eye of design for the placement of my show, which you can see here.

An archive I took of the Climate Lab exhibition from March 2022.

I was also a part of an exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery on their Digital Window gallery at the end of 2022 entitled From Here.

Overall, I look back at this time quite well, and it has given me a lot of experience working on my gallery after I ended my volunteer work at the Open Eye Gallery.

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