Ancora Pinot Grigio Wine Review

The Ancora Pinot Grigio is a delicate and light pale yellow wine which only costs £7.99 and is both citrusy and floral while having a relative sweetness to it.

Ancora’s Pinot Grigio aroma travels well and can be smelt slightly away from the decanter that I had swirled it in. From sniffing the alcohol- I could detect florally lemony notes with a hint of both pear and apple alongside a peachy scent. After swirling in the decanter it also produced a nice amount of bubbles and intensified both the smell and the flavour of the wine.

Ancora Pinot Grigio Wine

The colour of the wine is a very pale yellow and it is extremely translucent which is brilliant to see in a Pinot Grigio and will be extraodinarily delicate! After tasting the wine, I have assessed that it is a relatively sweet wine which is extremely citrusy and has a slight rose petal taste to it. Then I can taste the notes of peach and pear thereafter with hints of pear blossom. Therefore, the wine is quite simple yet delicate and well pleasing to the palette.

The aftertaste from this wine is weak and it fairly quickly subsides from the mouth after a few seconds of sipping or drinking. Overall, I would say this is quite a mediocre Pinot Grigio in that is fairly average but enjoyable nonetheless but nothing special to write home about. It is what you would expect for paying £7.99 so I will rate it a 3.5/5!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


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