Lidl’s Sötma Mixed Fruit Cider Review

The Sotma Mixed Fruit Cider costs £3.99, is very delicious and has a gorgeous aroma! It is something that you can certainly enjoy from the Lidl Alcohol range!

The cider has a very strong blackberry flavour with slight notes of strawberry and currants. It is also pretty sweet and fizzy, with hints of tanginess and citrusy acidity. Thus, the cider has a pleasant flavour that pairs well with a white fish dish. It’s also amazing when chilled!

Sötma Mixed Fruit Cider

The alcohol volume of this cider is 4.0%! The colour of this cider is a beautiful salmon pink, while the cider has a very strong strawberry smell and is quite refreshing. However, the aroma from the cider is relatively mild, which is to be expected as it doesn’t seem to be aged for long. A slightly astringent mouthfeel after drinking suggests a bit of acid inside this cider.

Unfortunately, the taste of the cider doesn’t linger much in your mouth, but the flavour is nonetheless rather complex. However, It caused a slight salivation after drinking, which cleansed the astringent aftertaste.

Overall, I give this cider a 4/5 as I did enjoy it, and it’s relatively cheap, though there are many things up for improvement, such as the aftertaste and after-feel of the cider.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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