Lidl’s Eridanous Caramelised Hazelnuts with Sesame Seeds Review

Lidl’s Eridanous Caramelised Hazelnuts with Sesame Seeds costs (of of writing) £1.59 and is an absolutely delicious snack that you should not miss (unless you’re allergic to tree nuts or sesame, obviously!)

The caramelised hazelnuts with sesame seeds are absolutely delicious- you can really taste the nutty toasty roasted hazelnut flavour being complemented by the slight sweetness of the caramelised sesame coating! It is somewhat reminiscent of a sesame snap but with hazelnut as a complimentary flavour.

Lidl's Eridanous Caramelised Hazelnuts with Sesame Seeds

When you pop these in your mouth and bite into them- they explode into the hazelnut leaving the caramelised shell in your mouth which melts creating a creamy sensation that coats the insides of your mouth. They are also not too sweet as well which allows you to enjoy the secondary flavours (nutty, toasty and roasted flavours) a lot more! Do be warned, however, you might find yourself eating the whole thing (see the nutritional information that I supplied at the bottom- it’s got a lot of calories!)

I do, however, feel as though a bit of salt in these could have helped give it a much more depth to the flavour profile! Though you could remedy this with having these with a salted black coffee- the bitterness contrasts very well with the slight nutty sweetness of the coated hazelnut. I also added these a breakfast muesli I had and they really helped to elevate the morning along with some fruit to go along with it.

I found that the hazelnut flavour is more visible compared to Lidl’s other option of the caramelised almonds which unfortunately I did not review as I couldn’t really taste the almond in them. So if you’re looking for some coated sesame nuts then I would wholeheartily recommend this one! Also, try it with some yoghurt- it’s GOOOOD!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ingredients: 55% Hazelnuts, Sugar, 12% Sesame Seeds

Nutritional Information per 30g: 175 calories, 12.0g fat (of which saturates: 1.1g), 12.3g carbohydrates (of which sugars: 10.5g), 1.7g fibre, 3.6g protein, <0.01g salt


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