Lidl’s Bakery Apple Turnover Review

The apple turnover at the Lidl Bakery costs only £0.65 (at the time of writing) and is a delicious pastry to satiate you while being light and mostly mess-free!

The crust of the apple turnover is extraordinarily light and airy while having a quite sweet and crusted taste- that I found delectable! The filling inside was both tart and had a slight cinnamon tone to it, but it wasn’t too sweet like some apple turnovers can be. The apples in the filling are cut to be a good size so that they melt in your mouth and feel slightly gooey which works well with the pastry that contrasts this gooeyness.

Lidl's Bakery Apple Turnover

I suggest anyone trying this to heat up the turnover for around 20 to 30 seconds in the microwave as it is much better when heated. Alternatively, you can pop it in the oven at around 150 Celsius fan-on for around 5 to 10 minutes. It is definitely much better when hot!

Do keep in mind, however, that the puffiness of the pastry does mean that it is going to be very messy! I find that the flavour is very similar to the Alpenfest Apple strudels. They do that cost around £1.79, but you can emulate their struggle by sprinkling coarse sugar over the top of the turnover and heating it in the oven. The turnover is much cheaper than the strudels, especially if you manage to use a Lidl Plus deal on them or arrive at the Bakery hour using the app!

Overall, the apple turnover is definitely something you want to pick up when you’re looking for something quick and delicious to eat as it is very cheap and filling! I rate this at 5/5 due to how cheap and the enjoyment I got from eating it!


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