Lidl Bakery Pretzel Review

The Lidl’s Bakery Pretzel costs only £0.65 (as of the time of writing this article) and was amazing to eat! It’s both a cheap pretzel (especially so if you can get in on the Bakery Hour or a deal through the Lidl Plus app!) and extremely umami rich!

I found that the pretzel was very salty at the start due to the rock salt being cooked onto the pretzel; if this is too much for you, you can scrape it off the pretzel! That is what I did anyway since it was on quite loosely though some of them won’t really go off. The first bite into the pretzel was also a very crunchy one as the top part of the pretzel has a baked shell which has that quintessential pretzel crunch and flavor!

Lidl Bakery Pretzel

If you don’t scrape off the salt, however, it can get quite messy if it falls off onto you which I found to be an issue. The pretzel also has a interesting umami flavor to it owing to the way that they cooked it with the oil while it also has a tinge of sweetness creating an delectable sensation in your mouth. Thus, the mouthfeel is great as it is both crunchy yet it is moist inside allowing it to go down smoothly! It is not too crunchy that it will damage the roof of your mouth- this is something I found with some pretzels which luckily this one does not suffer from.

I suggest pairing Lidl’s Bakery pretzel with a hot coffee or tea since they will both help to extend the flavor of the pretzel in your mouth and helps you salivate while eating it. Overall, I would say this is an exceptional deal as it is not only delicious but also cheap and very good quality! I give it a 5/5!


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