Fukurou Brooklyn Kakunidon Review

Fukurou Brooklyn Kakunidon cost only $17.95 and in a deal for buy one get one free which makes it much more cheaper! The kakunidon ordered was delivered therefore, this article will definitely be a much very different experience than going to the restaurant itself.

The kakunidon was amazing, the pork fell apart so easily and the ginger really added a complexity when I combined the two. The fat in the pork also melted in my mouth so well that it had coated my mouth with the heavenly flavors that the fat has absorbed. The pork meat had noticeable soy sauce flavors and notes of light ginger.

Fukurou Brooklyn's Kakunidon

The nori, however, is quite tough to eat compared to the usually crispy nori that I had when in Japan – this is a bit of a downside. The egg is really runny and gives the whole dish a lot of creaminess and depth when mixed into the rice. While the green onion gave the dish a refreshing note.

The rice absorbed the flavors from the other ingredients in the dish so it tasted extremely good while steaming along with mixing it with the shredded pork so that it mixes the slight-teriyaki flavor into the rice. However some of the shredded pork hasn’t been shredded properly and is quite tough to chew through which is another issue with the kakunidon.

I paired Fukurou Brooklyn Kakunidon with Ginger beer as well and they really helped to make the meal more enjoyable! I would rate this a 4.5/5 as the only downside was the tough stringy pork but everything else was amazingly delicious!


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