Pizza Punk’s Too Good to Go Surprise Bag Review

Pizza Punk has one of the worst surprise bags there are out there. It costs £4.00 and is not even worth the price when you compare it to a £3 store-bought pizza.

Despite the surprise bag on the page promising they would use surplus toppings on the pizza, the pizza came with no toppings. It was just a cheese pizza, and the tomato sauce they used was not tasteable at all. I believe they didn’t have any or used as little as possible. Along with this, the pizza base was extremely thin, too.

Pizza Punk's pizza

The pizza was also incredulously dry and wasn’t a great eating experience – the crust was also super dry, too hard and burnt- the crust cut the roof of my mouth. Ironically, you could get a better pizza for less than £4 at a supermarket that would taste better and not be as dry as charcoal. This is officially the worst pizza I’ve tried, and if you’re looking for a good pizza surprise bag in Liverpool- go to America Pizza Slice instead.