Lidl’s Milbona Greek Natural Yoghurt 0% Fat Review

Lidl’s Milbona Greek Natural Yoghurt 0% Fat costs (as of writing) £1.89 though I got this through a Lidl Plus Coupon which made it cheaper by 15%. It’s a great yoghurt to use as it’s high in protein and works well with fruit or even adding to your breakfast oatmeal.

The dessert I made with this yoghurt was absolutely simple yet extraordinarily decadent! The yoghurt added sour notes and creaminess to the dessert while well contrasted with the super sweet caramelized apple cubes at the top and the ripened kiwis in the centre. Doing this with the yoghurt removes the strange aftertaste and replaces it with whatever syrup or fruit you’ve added, making the experience more enjoyable!

Milbona Greek Yoghurt

I also added notes of mace and cinnamon into my dessert, and it worked well with the yoghurt, so spices are great to add, too! I will in the future, when I improvise the recipe, post it online so you can enjoy it too! I also used this in a Thai curry that I had made which was really nice though it didn’t add as much creaminess as a usual yoghurt (due to its 0% fat) but it still added complexity nonetheless.

Overall, I would say it’s great despite being a bit pricey! It scores a 4/5 from me as I think that it would be worth the price if it was 1kg rather than 500g.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ingredients: Contains Milk (Strained Fat Free Greek Yoghurt)

Nutritional Information per quarter (125g): 69 calories, 0g fat, 6.0g carbohydrates (of which sugars: 5.6g), 0g fibre, 11.3g protein, 0.35g salt