Lidl Ring Doughnut Review

Lidl’s Ring Doughnut is a very creamy and crunchy doughnut that costs only £0.49 (£0.15 off if you use the Bakery Happy Hour discount!). The sprinkles and toppings on the doughnut give a sufficient crunch to the confectionary and the icing is not sickly sweet but just right. I enjoyed eating this doughnut as it was extremely cheap (especially when you are using the Bakery Happy Hour discount through the app)!.

Lidl Ring Doughnut

The dough in the doughnut was quite moist but slightly greasy- which is strange as their other doughnut I reviewed was not greasy at all (Pink Iced Doughnut). Nevertheless, the dough being greasy wasn’t offputting but it doesn’t feel as great in your mouth because of this. The doughnut is really similar to the cheaper pink iced doughnut so I will have to recommend you to get the other cheaper doughnuts as it seems all the iced doughnuts are the same just with different appearances.

Unfortunately, as with the other bakery items- I couldn’t find the list of ingredients anywhere; this could be an issue if you’re allergic to something that isn’t a common allergy. I looked through their website to see if there were any ingredients list but there wasn’t which is a shame. Overall, I will give this a 3.5/5 as there are better doughnuts being sold at Lidl at less the price.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


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