Herons Food Too Good to Go Review

Herons Food’s Too Good to Go Surprise bag only costs £3.30 and had an amazing amount of food inside! It’s a really great value and we recommend it a lot!

I first tried the Milky Bar Mousse’s that we got which were honestly quite disappointing but I was glad to have gotten them at such a cheap price as otherwise it wouldn’t have been great. Its taste was bland and it could have really been much better had it not tasted so processed.

Herons food too good to go bag

The Langley Farm’s cottage cheese was great! I got to enjoy them with the bagels I received from Morrison’s Too Good to Go surprise bag, which we got the same day. While I had one of the giant crumpets for breakfast. The giant crumpets were a bit heavy, but other than that, they were satiating.

We had the pasties for lunch with an awesome meat and black pepper filling, along with some baked beans and chips!

The bread loaf can be frozen or used whenever, but we’re usually out of bread, so it came in handy! The tea cakes were great, with (of course) some tea; I toasted and buttered them, and they were delicious. They reminded me of hot crossed buns!

As usual, many of these surprise bags (especially with Heron Foods!) contain a lot of carbohydrates, so if you’re looking to avoid those types of foods, I’d suggest otherwise when considering this surprise bag. Of course, this is not a vegan surprise bag (meat, pasty and cottage cheese) either, so it’s not a great place to go if you’ve got that dietary restriction.

I would recommend Heron Foods as a place to go to get your surprise bag, as there’s a good assortment of items! Though there isn’t usually much variety, you’ll still get the value that they promise on the app, as you can see in this article! To add further, this was the Heron’s Food in Widnes, which has a bag every single day!

I give it a 4/5 (as it hasn’t done as great as the Morrison’s Surprise bag I got on the same day!).


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